Acne Scar Treatment for Flawless Skin

Laser Acne and Scar Treatment

Acne (Pimples) is very common condition affecting youth and older people too now a days. It leads to despair among teenagers as well as adults. Impact on self confidence, self image, job & marriage preferences in Indian society is far devastating than acne scars on skin itself. It is better to treat acne as early as possible with the most scientific way such as lasers.

Acne scars can disfigure the face and have major impact on social life and self confidence. Thanks to precise lasers, now a day we can make them fade away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What causes acne scars?

Acne/ pimple is a chronic inflammatory disorder of oil producing glands (sebaceous glands) in the skin. The opening of gland gets clogged because of inspisated sebum and dead skin cells. Infection and inflammation sets in to cause acne.

While the acne is regressing, it might leave brown-black pigment behind. Sometimes scar appear as depressions of various forms (pits). Occasionally raised firm scars are also seen which are confused with popular acne itself. Scars increase by fiddling with acne, plucking, scrubbing, body tendency for scarring.

2What are the factors affecting acne/ pimple scarring?
Scars increase by fiddling with acne, plucking, scrubbing, body tendency for scarring, genetic predisposition.
3How does laser works for acne scar treatment?

For acne treatment:

Laser works by reducing the active inflammation. It also has role in reduction of bacterial load. Early treatment results in less scaring on face.

For acne scar treatment:

Various laser technologies are used to treat acne scars. Most recent FDA approved laser technologies available at SkinEthics are Erbium Yag laser, Fractional CO2 laser, Microneedling RF Laser. Lasers work on basic principle of induction of collagen at required skin layer to lift the scars and improve skin texture.
Fractional technology helps to gain the desired results with minimum downtime. Islands of normal skin between ablated portions helps in faster regeneration of skin.

4How is the laser procedure done?
  • Local anaesthetic agent is applied on the area to be treated as per requirement
  • Laser parameters like depth, time, power are set according to depth of scars, skin type of patient
  • Laser light is aimed at the skin layers. It is painless. It takes around 15-20 minutes for whole face treatment
  • Antibiotic and sunscreen is applied on trea.ted part
5What post procedure care is needed?
  • Simple application of antibiotic and sunscreen regularly for 3-5 days post procedure is mandatory.
  • Avoid picking, rubbing, scrubbing the skin.
  • With this simple post procedure care, desired results are achieved without any side effects.

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