Weight Management / Weight Loss Program

Scientific Pro Weight Loss Program at SkinEthics helps to live healthier life
Pro Weight Loss Program is scientifically designed protocol with high end specific foods & simple painless probes to reduce weight and inches efficiently.

A scientific combination of food extracts help burn visceral fat which is otherwise resistant to burn with exercise and dieting. You can now lose the kilos and inches, which you only dreamed of earlier, with professional guidance.
SinEthics Wellness Care


  • Assured weight loss of 6-12 kgs in just 70 days.
  • Substantial reduction in waist measurement (2-6 inches)
  • No weakness, person can carry on with routine lifestyle and work
  • No food craving / hunger pangs
  • Weight loss retained even after finishing treatment as body metabolism is reset
  • Additional benefits- Improved BP, Blood sugar level, better cholesterol profile, improved arthritis, low risk for heart ailments
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Strong follow-up and support throughout the programme for any problem

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