All you Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

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December 31, 2018
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All you Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair Removal - SkinEthics Pune

Unwanted/ excessive hair growth on body areas like upper lip, chin, cheek, ears, fingers; even on areas like armpit, legs, hands, back & chest can lead to lower self-confidence. Laser hair removal is the answer to your constant irritating struggles in maintaining hair-free, smooth skin.

Unwanted hairs can be safely removed with the help of advanced, precise Laser Technology. Laser Hair Removal is the most popular and effective procedure, the world over, to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

Here is everything that you need to know about Laser Hair Removal procedure.

What preparation is needed from my end?

Atleast one consultation visit is needed before the procedure. In this visit, your dermatologist will examine the skin for type of skin, type of hair, any hormonal imbalance in body. Accordingly, doctor might ask for some tests if needed. On the day of procedure check for following things

  • No skin infection
  • No epilation/ waxing/ threading for atleast 3-6 weeks
  • Inform your doctor if you are on any oral medications
  • Inform doctor if you had any recent tanning on the area to be treated

How is the LHR procedure done?

After reaching the clinic, first all the hair shafts are removed by gentle shaving of the area. A smooth transparent gel is applied on the skin. The laser probe is moved on the surface to be treated. During procedure, you might feel mild heat or stinging sensation. The technology used at SkinEthics Pune is virtually painless and very comfortable. At the end post-procedure cream is applied on the skin, and you will be ready to step out and resume your work immediately.

Is it painful? Any side effects possible?

Older technologies like IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and Nd Yag lasers were painful. People used to feel heat, stinging, pinching sensations depending on the area and sensitivity with occasional episodes of mild burns on the skin. Newer technologies like diode and triple wavelength are virtually painless. It is always better to choose clinic where best technology and machines are used by trained medical staff, rather than opting for centers with cheaper machines and non-medical staff. Afterall parameter settings and use determines quality of result and safety.

And yes it is much less painful and safer than waxing and threading your hair !!!

What is the aftercare needed?

Usually no special care is needed except usage of sunscreen on sun exposed areas after the procedure.

How many sessions are needed?

Total number of sessions needed can vary from 4 to 10 depending on multiple factors. Hair color, thickness, density

  • Area to be treated
  • Skin color and sensitivity
  • Associated hormonal conditions like PCOS etc

The interval between two sessions is generally one month to begin with, after few sessions the interval changes to upto 3months. Final reduction is 70-95%. General time interval is as follows

  • Upperlips, Face, Sidelocks, Neck – 4 weeks
  • Beard shaping- 4 weeks
  • Bikini , underarms – 6 weeks
  • Hands, feet- 6-8 weeks
  • Chest, back – 8 weeks

Will the result be permanent?

It is most important to know the final result when we talk about permanent or semi-permanent treatments. In Laser Hair Removal thicker, darker and courser hair (terminal hair) gets converted into thinner, lighter and very short hair (villous hair) which is not noticeable. As the hair root is present in the skin, future hormonal changes can make the hair thicker again. But its rare to get hair back without any stimulation.

How soon I should expect the results?

Though the results are visible form the very first session, usually first few 2-4 sessions you will notice that the interval between growth is more, later on hair will start looking thinner in patches, and in last few sessions all the hair in particular area will become un-noticeably thin n smooth.

SkinEthics Skin Clinic and Dermato-surgery centre Pune, provides best in class laser hair removal treatments with the most advanced laser machines available today.

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