Perfect diagnosis is first step to manage skin pigmentation

90% of the skin colour related problems are easily treatable with proper care and medicines

Skin Pigmentation

Pigment is color. Conditions which increase or decrease the skin color are unacceptable. 90% of the skin color related problems are easily treatable with proper care and medicines. Advanced peels and lasers help giving fine improvement in non responsive pigmentation. Most commonly treated conditions are Freckles, age spots, melasma, under eye dark circles, birthmarks, P. alba, P. versicolor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What causes dark patches/ pigmentation?

Any factor which stimulates melaocytes (colour producing cell) to produce excess melanin (skin pigment) leads to dark patches. Apart from melanin; haemoglobin in blood, certain medications, metal salts, ochronosis, carotenoids, bile also gives rise to darker looking skin patches.

Some kind of birthmarks and moles, allergic reactions to medicines, nutritional deficiencies, infections can give rise to dark patches.

Diagnosis of the underlying reason for dark patches is first important step to get rid of the condition. Application of random skin lightening cream does not give effect and can damage skin for long term. Timely medical advice from expert doctor can give wonderful results with simple treatments.

2What causes white patches?

White patches on skin can be seen as a result of wide variety of diseases. Contradictory to the common belief, most of the white patches are easily treatable under proper medical guidance. It can result from any kind of skin damage, rubber/chemical exposure, sun damage, infections, birth defects, vitiligo.

Proper diagnosis and medical treatment is the key to successful results.

3Why my skin is patchy?

Conditions resulting in white or dark patches alone or in combination give rise to patchy skin. Most of the times, it respond to simple oral and local medicines.

4How to get rid of under eye dark circles?

Under eye dark circles can result from various factors. Fragility of blood vessels, habit of rubbing the eyes, allergy to cosmetics, thickening of skin due to underlying medical problems, genetic factors etc play major role in this simple looking condition. Response is promising when the main cause is treated well.

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