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Lasers are by far the best and most accurate weapons in the hands of dermatologists to treat the skin deep problems. Well said that "LASERS are, to other sources of light, as music is to noise". In expert hands with proper parameters it is one of the most presise option for treatment , with no side effects.

At SkinEthics we use worlds finest technologies for following treatments. Best technologies give assurance of finest results with minimum downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How is laser tatto removal procedure done?

At SkinEthics we use most advanced technology in Q-switched lasers. Single or multiple sessions are required for tattoo removal that are no longer desired. tattoos with only green-blue-black ink are the ones that have better success rates of complete removal,while colored tattoos are more difficult to remove.

Q switched lasers remove tattoo pigment through photoacoustic effect, breaking up the ink particles and making them available for phagocytosis & removal by body.

Tattoos with white / red ink may need prior test spots before therapy. Postprocedure care includes gentle cleansing & emollient while the skin becomes normal.

2What is Laser Rejuvenation ?

Thermal energy in lasers reduce & soften wrinkles,tighten skin, which results in safe and effective rejuvenation & more youthful skin.Combination of Laser technologies needed for particular person works best to improve looks.It acts by stimulation collagen and other connective tissue production from deeper layers of skin. Final results is reduction in brown age spots, fine lines/wrinkles, pore size & tight youthful texture.

Good thing is that, results are instantly seen and there is no downtime for the procedures.

3What is laser scar reduction?

Pimples and trauma can lead to unwanted scars on face/body.
Thanks to recent advances in Laser technology, now we can address exact depth and intensity to get desired improvement in scars.at SkinEthics we make sure to use perfect blend of technologies to acheive desired effect without damage to the skin.

Basicaly skin is damaged at the desired microscopic level, then new skin grows back stronger and healthy than before. Surrounding untreated tissue maintains your skin’s stability, allowing a quicker recovery time.

Results are generally visible in about 2-3 months.Results are long lasting.

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