Laser Hair Removal with World's Best Technology

Our machines with worlds best technology will help you get rid of unwanted hair. Face the world with new confidence.

Get rid of unwanted hairs

Unwanted/ excessive hair growth on body areas like upper lip, chin, cheek, ears, fingers ; even on areas like armpit, legs, hands, back & chest can lead to lower self confidence. They can be safely removed with the help of advanced, precise Laser Technology. Laser Hair Removal is the most popular and effective procedure, the world over, to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

Laser Hair Removal Pocedure

The area to be treated is shaved. Transparent gel is applied. Laser probe is kept in contact with the skin. Laser light when given, works on the roots. This helps in getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. The treatment is comfortable. Our high-end technology ensures that your skin is cooled before and after each pulse is fired. Hence the pain is minimal and in some cases non-existent.

Most Advanced Laser Technology (Triple Wavelength)
  • Permanently removes all kind of hair in all skin type
  • Ultra Short Pulse (USP) delivers highest power without side effects
  • Painless Procedure with Maximum Speed and Safety
  • Fastest, efficient and most powerful device available today

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the reasons for unwanted hair on body parts?

Excessive hair growth can be present naturally as a part of genetic makeup/race/ethenicity of a person. When it happens due to other causes it is termed as hirsuitism. Common reasons are hormonal imbalance in body. Due to PCOD/PCOS, adrenal gland tumours, ovarian malfunction or tumours, Cushings syndrome. Certain medicines can lead to hirsuitism. To name a few- cyclosporine, minoxidil, danazol, anabolic steroids. In few individuals it can be due to unknown/undetected causes.

2Is the treatment safe?

With advanced & precise Laser machines it is very safe. Basically the laser wavelength works only on pigment at root of hair. The specialized light is absorbed by the pigment leading to destruction of the root. It has no action on a single apart from that.

3Is the treatment painful?

With good machines the pain is nil. Few people experience little warm/cold sensation. Discomfort is definitely far less than threading, waxing, plucking.

4What are the basic technologies used?
Intense Pulsed light- This is crude method still used at many centers because of cheaper machines. The light in this technology is diffuse. This can lead to pain, heating, redness, burning sensation, dark pigmentation on skin.
Diode laser- This is advanced & precise technology. Precise transfer of laser energy only to hair root pigment makes it very safe & effective. No pain. No pigmentation.
These basic technologies are highlighted by various names at different places across world. At SkinEthics we use best diode laser machine with most advanced technology.

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