Say No to Unwanted Skin tags, Mole and Warts

Skin tag / Wart / Mole Removal

Most commonly seen skin growths are mole (Black flat or raised), wart (rough skin coloured), skin tags (soft skin like). Wart needs early treatment. Mole and skin tags are treated for cosmetic reasons, or if they lead to pain or swelling. Cancerous changes in mole are less common in Indian skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Mole, Wart, Skin tag?

Mole/ Nevus is seen due to growth of melanocytes (colour producing cells in skin) in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. They might be present since birth or can appear later in life. They may darken during pregnancy, growth years, after exposure to sunlight. Gradual change in size and colour over years is common. But sudden change in size, colour, texture is suggestive of developing cancer from a mole.

Wart / Verruca is rough skin growth seen due to viral infection in skin. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infects the skin and causes rapid growth of cells on skin’s outer layer. It is commonly seen on fingers, beard area, hands, feet, genital area.

Skin tag / Achrochordon is benign skin growth. It appears as soft hanging skin from neck, armpits, groin, breast folds, eyelids.

2Why do I have Mole / Wart / Skin Tag?

Wart is an infection from HPV virus. It can happen when raw skin comes in contact with virus e.g after minor trauma, scratching, shaving. In few cases it is sexually transmitted.

Mole & skin tags are usually benign growths. Family tendency, sun exposure, obesity, hormonal changes can play a role in appearance and growth.

3How is the procedure done?
  • Local anaesthesia is given with anaesthetic cream or minute needle
  • Skin growths are removed in layers with appropriate technique (Radiofrequency, CO2 laser, Electrocautery, Cryosurgery etc)
  • It is very simple and cost effective office procedure. Patient can walk out and join work immediately
4Is it painful? What are the chances of scar formation?
With proper local anaesthesia it is virtually painless procedure. When done by skillful expert doctor, chances of any scar or residual mark are almost zero.

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