Tattoo Removal

Remove unwanted tattoo from your body with painless laser procedures

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos of various colors and sizes on forehead, hands, back are recent trends in fashion industry. As the number of people doing tattoo has increased over past few years, the number of people wanting change or complete removal of tattoo are increasing too. While doing the tattoos, the pigment is placed in deep skin layers with special gun, it is very painful to have them erased through the conventional routes like acids , dermabrasion or chemicals. The chances of scarring is very high with such removal techniques. The need of the day is painless and safe procedure without any scar. Welcome to SkinEthics, where we provide the best tattoo removal treatment in Pune through sophisticated US FDA approved laser techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How much time is needed to get rid of my tattoo?

It should be understood, that it is a gradual process. Single sessions takes 1-15 minutes. For complete removal and excellent results it may take around four to ten sessions with a gap of 1 month between two sessions. A dark colored tattoo in blue, green, black is easily removed, but it is quite difficult to remove light colored tattoos. For colors other than these, different specialized machines are needed.

2How is the tattoo removal procedure done?

Q switch lasers produce the necessary energy to remove the dark and bright tattoo marks without any scars in the skin. Our precise Q switch lasers are absolutely safe on the skin and reacts only with the pigment of the tattoo. The tattoo absorbs the energyof the laser beams and gets disintegrated from the deep layer of skin. The natural body defense mechanism removes the disintegrated tattoo pigment particals over a period of time.

3What post procedure care is needed?

Sunscreen and ointments if necessary are prescribed. Any exposure to sun, picking, scrubbing, hot baths should be avoided till the instructions from the doctor.

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