Skin Treatment in Baner Pune

Acne Treatment

Say good bye to acne and scars

Acne (Pimples) is very common condition affecting youth and older people too now a days. Pimple is one of the most commonly seen skin problem across the globe.

  • Search for root cause
  • Precise treatments like oral medicines, lasers and advanced peeling
  • Preventation and treatment of marks and scars
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Chemical Peeling

Restore your flawless skin naturally

Since ancient ages, princess used few fruits and milk products, wine etc for glowing and youthful skin. In recent years, the active ingredients from these products are more refined, after controlling there chemical properties, they are used to treat various skin disorders. There are hundreds of peeling agents available.

  • Hyper pigmentation, textural treatments
  • Pimples and scars, anti-ageing treatments
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Vitiligo Treatment

Restore your natural skin color

Vitiligo is seen as single or multiple areas of white skin on body. It appears because the cells which give the skin its color are either destroyed or damaged. Now a days there are multiple modes of vitiligo treatment available to stop the progression of the disease and to bring back the color (pigmentation).

  • Multiple advanced treatment options like lasers, lights, melanocyte transfer
  • Natural pigment production at the site of white patches
  • Satisfied patient base
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Mole Removal

Say no to unwanted mole, skin tags and warts

Most commonly seen skin growths are mole (Black flat or raised), wart (rough skin coloured), skin tags (soft skin like). Wart needs early treatment. Mole and skin tags are treated for cosmetic reasons, or if they lead to pain or swelling. Cancerous changes in mole are less common in Indian skin.

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Skin Pigmentation

Advanced solutions to get flawless skin

Pigment is color. Conditions which increase or decrease the skin color are unacceptable. 90% of the skin color related problems are easily treatable with proper care and medicines. Advanced peels and lasers help giving fine improvement in non responsive pigmentation.

  • Advanced treatments like PUVA therapy, radio frequency, re-pigmentation surgeries
  • Commonly treated conditions - Freckles, age spots, melasma, under eye dark circles, birthmarks, P. alba, P. versicolor
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Skin Dieseases

One stop solution for all your skin problems

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Pediatric Dermatology

Utmost care for delicate baby skin

Skin at early age is immature and needs special care. The skin diseases seen in newborns and early years of life are different and need special attention. Most commonly encountered skin problems with newborn and kids are dealt with utmost care at skinEthics

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