Pro Grow Treatment

Best technologies to stimulate hair growth naturally

Pro Grow Treatment

Pro grow treatment is signature treatment designed by us for best possible non surgical hair loss treatment. It involves combination of few of the best technologies which stimulates hair growth naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How is the therapy done?

This therapy involves 90 minutes sessions twice a month for 6 months. All the required medicines are provided by our center for 6 months period. After therapy patient can walk out and resume routine work.
It does not involve any surgery. For more details, please consult our experts.

2What are the advantages of Pro Grow Treatment?
  • Best in class results guarantee
  • No risk of allergic reaction
  • Results are absolutely natural
  • No hospitalization is needed, its office procedure. Person can join work immediately after procedure
3Will I lose hair after stopping the therapy?

No. you will not lose hair after stopping treatment. The hair growth continues for 6 months to a year after therapy. The hair can be maintained for 5 to 8 years with good home care.

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