Amazing Medi-facials to Pamper your Skin during the Lockdown

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Amazing Medi-facials to Pamper your Skin during the Lockdown

medi-facial treatment at skinethics pune

What is medi-facial/ medical facial?

Medi-facial is basically dermatologist's designed perfect solution for skin nourishment, rejuvenation and pampering. These treatments are done with special medically grade products and laser equipments under strict medical supervision to acieve best possible results in anti-aging and skin brightening. Under COVID-19 crisis, these are the safest and effective skin nourishing treatments done under strict aseptic precautions by aesthetic nurses / doctors.

At SkinEthics Pune, we have formulated intense nourishing treatment in the form of medi-facials for your skin. It does nourishment and oxygenation of all skin layers. Our medi-facial is trans-formative solution that uses specialized products with highly effective ingredients to help you correct minor skin problems for instant visibly clearer and luminous skin.

It is perfect solution to avoid pimples, rashes, infections encountered after routine facials done in non-scientific and non-sterile environment.

After assessment of the skin nature and depending upon your aesthetic goal dermatologist at Skin ethics will decide which facial is needed. Medifacial procedure requires about 30 to 50 minutes. No pain or irritation is involved.

Why medi-facials are better than regular facials?

  • Clean and aseptic environment
  • Done by trained aesthetic nurses and doctors
  • Procedures are tailor made for your skin type and age
  • Achieve real anti-ageing and skin lightening
  • Medical grade, most advanced technologies provide consistent, dependable results
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation
  • Deeper nourishment and oxygenation
  • Instant radiant look

Types of Medi Facials

  • Intense Hydra facial - Very useful for normal to dry and dull skin. It is a 4 steps treatment including cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin. High quality medical equipment is used along with dermatologist recommended products to hydrate skin to deeper layer for soft supple nourished feel.
  • Carbon Peel / Hollywood Facial - This is an amazing treatment known by different names in the world. ‘Red Carpet Peel’, ‘Dark Crystal Peel’ ‘China Doll Peel’, ‘Porcelain Peel’ are few of the names other than ‘Hollywood facial’. No matter what it's called, the final result is refreshed, soft, smooth, firm skin with improved quality. No wonder this is todays preferred treatment by many celebrities across the world for its instant effect without any downtime on the skin.
  • Acne Clearance & Brightening Facial – The problem faced with acne prone skin is- any facials give rise to pimples. Under dermatologist's supervision we have formulated unique method for acne facial which gives acne clearance and brightening without any pimple eruptions. So now acne prone people can enjoy the pampering and nourishment.
  • Vampire Facial - When it comes to reversal of ageing, nothing works better than trusted vampire facial. It acts on deeper layer of skin to replenish lost collagen and erases minimum 5 years from your skin.
  • Anti-aging Facial -To maintain and prevent ageing of the skin, younger men & women after 25 years of age can indulge in this dermatologically designed facial protocol to pause the lines n wrinkles.
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