Simple and Easy Skin Care at Home During COVID 19

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Simple and Easy Skin Care at Home During COVID 19

Everyone is trying to be fittest mentally & physically during this difficult times of COVID19. Here are simple tips from a desk of dermatologist to you to maintain your skin at the healthy state, with least available resources at home.

1. Healthy Diet For Healthy Skin

Keep your Diet healthy for healthy skin Now that you are at your home, and mostly cooking for yourself.

Its time to take control of your good health by making a healthy diet routine. Simply try to eat Vitamin c rich food on daily basis. Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits like orange, lime, strawberry, amla; yogurt, raw tomato that is commonly available at home.

Try and have these food items in natural form rather than processed or cooked form to fetch maximum amount of natural vitamin c.

Having little amount of probiotics in your diet daily in the form of fermented food is also a great idea to maintain gut health.

Fermented food like idli, dosa, dhokla are loved by Indians. Making quick pickles of any veggies available is also innovative and easy way to get the dose of probiotics daily.

2. Relaxing Gentle Massage

Give a calm relaxing gentle massage to face, hands & feet skin with essential oil. Skin is the largest organ of your body, it’s very sensitive and rich in neural supply. Taking good care and giving those warm strokes on the skin is healthy for skin as well as relaxing and calming for the mind too.

So get set and grab your favourite essential oil mixed with moisturising lotion and apply with gentle antigravity strokes on face and limbs including sole for nourishment and relaxation twice a week. I am sure you will not miss monthly facial if you follow this routine.

3. skincare routine

Make a skincare routine and follow it like a ritual.

Take note of the missing links in skincare in routine life, and include it in lockdown ritual. Cleansing, toning, serum application and moisturising skin daily gives amazing positive effects on the skin.

Let’s see how to select these products for yourself


Oily skin person can simply grab gram flour available in the kitchen, soak it in milk or water to make it softer, add a pinch of turmeric if you prefer and massage gently on skin for 1 min and wash with warm or cold water to squeaky clean and fresh feel. Dry or combination skin person can use milk mixed with little honey in similar way to get moisturised soft and supple feel


all ask types can use simple rosewater at home. Oily skin person can try gently rubbing soft side of alum on the skin for 10-20 seconds and washing it off. Or simple can skip this step for few days if toner is not available.


The selection of serums varies as per skin type, age and skin conditions. So grab suitable serum containing vitamin C or retinol and gently massage 8-10 drops all over the face in upwards movement. If serum is not available, use tomato juice/potato juice/cucumber juice to give a quick dose of nutrients to your skin. Make it sure to gently clean/dab the particulate remnants if any from the skin after this step.


I am sure you must be having your favorite light moisturizer for the skin at home. But even if you don’t have, you can simple grab glycerin and honey or milk cream for application on your skin.

As you go through this simple yet amazingly useful routine daily for about 15 days, you will notice fine changes happening in skin texture, glow and health. Do not hesitate to reach out to your dermatologist for any queries and help related to skin issues, they are one click away in this digital world for solving any query through online consultations.

So stay at home, stay healthy, stay safe, stay happy…

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